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You don’t have to wait for a meeting to take part of SACNAS at NC State. Contribute to Las Letras and make your voice herd.

Las Letras is a multi-disciplinary virtual publication consisting of various mediums, including weekly blog posts, investigative and educational pieces, current events, advocacy, featured events, and much more. All Wolfpack SACNAS members are welcome to participate as contributors to Las Letras, including graduate students, faculty and staff.


A Platform for Diversity

Promoting awareness of the state of diversity and inclusion of the Hispanic, LatinX/Chicano and Native American community at NC State is the primary mission of Las Letras. This virtual publication will give students and faculty the platform to be heard and collect a body of work that expresses the efforts of the SACNISTA community. By documenting the achievements of this often underrepresented student body and faculty, as well as highlighting efforts by Hispanic, LatinX/Chicano and Native American student, physicians, and researchers across the nation, Las Letras seeks to be the home of outstanding content produced by and for this community and its allies.

Building Community

If the 2020 pandemic has taught us anything its that community bonds are essential to success. Contributing to Las Letras helps to keep our community alive! SACNAS at NC State and Las Letras strives to be the home for students across campus seeking to be apart of a common goal to raise diversity and inclusion within the STEM fields. Students of all backgrounds and walks of life are invited to participate. Special attention is given to topics that directly affect Chicano/Hispanic, LatinX and Native American students and faculty.

STEM Brought to Life

Las Letras seeks to express STEM subjects in a way that the general public can connect with and understand. Trust in science has been assaulted in the last few years, fueling skepticism and confusion. Las Letras offers contributors the opportunity to reach out to a wide audience and discuss scientific topics, medical research, engineering advances, and many other STEM, medical, and public health based subjects in both a formal and informal manner. Readers will come to understand the amazing body of work that goes behind research and development, especially of the collective efforts of the Wolf Pack Campus in a way that speaks to them on a personal level.

How Can You Contribute

Want to contribute a video essay, interview of a notable professor, write a piece on a topic important to underserved communities, or simply want to contribute a creative collection of photos or art inspired by STEM and/or educational disparities? The options are endless and we are more than happy to talk further. There are two ways to participate: Blog or a highlighted publication. To learn more read on below.

Two Catagories

Las Letras Blog

Published Weekly

Collected writings and other content of many different topics published on a weekly basis. Blog content is contributed to primarily by the SACNAS at NC State President, documenting news and events related to SACNAS at NC State, as well as the activities of the President in respect to SACNAS. In addition, Executive Members including the President, contribute with blog posts of topics of interest to them or related to the SACNAS mission. Guest contributors/student organizations are invited to provide blog posts as well for content that is relevant to them, all while promoting the core SACNAS mission.

Weekly Email Newsletter

Published weekly and distributed via our email listserv. The Weekly Email Newsletter promotes SACNAS at NC State events and other important news related specifically to SACNAS and it’s GBM in a brief and easy to access format.

Las Letras News Journal

Published at Least 4 Times a Semester

These are the big interest pieces that document major projects of the organization, an long-form content on topics specific to STEM, diversity and inclusion, educational and health disparities, major accomplishments in STEM or Public Health at NC State by underserved and underrepresented Wolfpack members, and other topics of utmost concern to Chicano/Hispanic, LatinX, and Native American students, faculty and staff in STEM. Contributions are lead by general body members in cooperation with the executive team. Publications can also include collaborative efforts between SACNAS at NC State and other student organizations.

Become a Contributor Today. Applications are now open.

Students – Undergraduate and Graduate – Faculty, and Executive Members of other officially recognized NC State student organizations are welcome to apply. Please fill out the google form via the link provided below. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email

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