To promote the advancement of Chicanos, Hispanics and Native Americans in STEM by advocating for systemic changes in education and industry. Our vision is to create a platform of inclusion and diversity that benefits scientific exploration and the Wolfpack community.

Our Mission

SACNAS at NC State is an officially recognized NC State Organization. Click here to learn more about NC State.
We are an officially recognized NC State Student Organization.

As a prospective SACNAS Chapter at NC State, we service the Chicano, Hispanic and Native American community by providing a platform of support and advocacy that enables greater awareness of the needs and accomplishments of a historically underserved and underrepresented community. For this purpose, we firmly believe that by targeting systemic issues that limit diversity and inclusion across all disciplines, we can effect change that is meaningful and beneficial for all. As a student organization of NC State, we hope to enrich our community by amplifying the voices of Chicano, Hispanic and Native American students and faculty on our campus. Likewise, we encourage anyone from any walk of life to be apart of our SACNAS community, and we seek to partner with other student organizations of common goals and interest. Lastly, as a prospective chapter, we are committed to meeting the goals and expectations of the National SACNAS organization in a uniquely Wolfpack way.

Our History

We are currently applying
for official recognition

SACNAS at NC State is a prospective SACNAS Chapter seeking official recognition from the National SACNAS organization in 2021. Thanks Dr. Caiti Heil’s initiative to bring a local chapter to NC State, SACNAS at NC State confirmed it’s first Executive Board in Fall 2020, admist the disruptions caused by COVID-19. Despite these hectic times, SACNAS at NC State held several interest meetings and collaborations. It also organized it’s first attendance to the SACNAS annual conference.

As mentioned in our Mission Statement, SACNAS at NC State is an inclusive organization that believes it’s success lies in the contribution of all student and faculty members of NC State, and partners from the Triangle. Further, we seek to align ourselves closely with the SACNAS National organization and its values and mission. SACNAS founding organization, “is an inlcusive organization dedicated to fostering the success of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans, from college students to professionals, in attaining advanced degrees, acareers, and positions of leadership in STEM.” They have worked tirelesly towards this goal for the last 47 years by providing support and opportunities to underrepresented STEM communities. During those 47 years, SACNAS Chapters at colleges around the nation have opened to serve their local Chicano/Hispanic and Native American communities. To learn more about SACNAS at the National Level, please visit SACNAS.org.

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Raleigh, NC

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